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Dishwasher is the type of appliance that is easy to operate and repair when compared

to any other type of appliances that has a complicated mechanism. But whenever it

develops a major technical fault, you need to reach out to the professionals in the field

that can repair it for you. Stated below are some of the visible problems that can arise in

dishwasher which could call for repair:

1. When dishwasher is not working or malfunctioning and there is panic, what you

need to do is to first confirm if the dishwasher is connected, study the manual

that came with it and carry out a research concerning it on the internet. You can

even unplug and use voltmeter to check if it is working. Ensure that the meter is

set to R x 100 if the float is down and make sure it reads zero.

2. Apart from the first step, first connect the dishwasher plug to the electrical outlet.

Secondly, ensure that there is power supply in the electrical outlet. You can

do this by connecting other type of appliance such as electrical mixer to the

electrical outlet to confirm.

3. In case there is power in the electrical outlet and the dishwasher still refuse to

work, then check the dishwasher wiring if there is burn spots or breaks and if the

source has no power, examine the electrical panel to confirm that the breaker

is on and also check if the fuse is not blown. If it is an electric problem, it will be

better to call the electrician to fix the problem.

4. Going through the manual of the dishwasher, you will discover the solutions

to the problem such as noise, when water is stored at the bottom part of the

tub, when the water is not pumping out, if the dishes are not drying or if the

dishes are not getting clean or if there is problem with the soap dispenser. In the

dishwasher manual, you will see different ways by which you can tackle these

problems without bothering yourself in reaching out to the technicians.

5. In case there is problem of inadequate water or there is no water, then check

the water valve to the dishwasher and ensure that it is turned on and filled with


6. Apart from the manual that came with the dishwasher when bought, you can

search for any similar problem from the internet and solve it by yourself without

the help of the technicians. When it gets to this level, the dishwasher must be

dismantled in order to resolve the problem. If it is a simple problem, then it will

need repair but in case it is complex, there will be need to take the dishwasher

from its present area to the place or factory where it will be worked upon.

As soon as the problem has been discovered, then the part that needs to be replaced

must be ordered. Which means it will require payment and waiting for the part to arrive.

As soon as the part arrived, then all the manual that came with the dishwasher will be

gathered in order to provide motivation and advice, even though, it might not be exciting

or interesting experience for those people that are starting it for the first time.

An expert in dishwasher repair must have fundamental tools and advance tools in

addition to the knowledge of repairing within a short period of time. Some times, no

cash will be spent until the dishwasher is effective again. If you apply DIY and it is

successful, then repairing a dish washer is a profitable business to entertain.

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