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Everybody loves to use oven because nobody can deny the comfort-ability in oven application in the kitchen. Oven has been a wonderful breakthrough for the producers and the customers that are using them across the globe. This is the flexibility and staying power that cannot be found in any other place.

These are some of the repair tips of a kitchen oven:

Clean any extra crumbs from the inner part of your oven and including those that sticks to the wall.

Bring out the oven safe bowl and let it be half-filled. Add some lemon juice to the water in order to bring out fresh smell and this will serve as freshener. Place it inside the oven and heat it for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Take the bowl out of the oven. Bring out the oven tray and place it somewhere. The boiling gives the steam from the water the ability to loosen up any food particles that are available and make them convenient to clean up.

Clean the inner part of the oven with damp cloth.

Apply soap and water to the tray and clean it up, then set it in one place and slide the oven back.

Use kitchen cleaner to spray the outer part of the oven and clean with dry towels.

Most of the people that make use of the oven to bake and heat always forget to clean up after the activity due to their tiredness or laziness. Do not use dirty oven to cook your food. All the above steps should help you to sustain your oven and increase its longevity is it is properly used. Cleanliness and repair is part of healthy living. You have to eat healthy, eat well and clean well.

But in case you have problems with your oven and it refuses to work, here are some of the problem that can occur and how to resolve them:

When your oven switches off and refuses to be on, just go to the plug and check properly. Also make sure that the door is closed properly and well aligned.

When the fuse blow, what you need to do is to replace it or better still, you can reset a tripped circuit breaker by turning the switch on. And if it still refuses to work, then get in touch with the professional to resolve the issue.

When your oven keeps on blowing fuse or tripping off a breaker, the first thing to do is to examine the door switch. Search for the door switch and remove the leads. Let the terminus be probed by using a volt ohm meter. If the door is opened, the reading must be infinity and if it closes, the reading must be zero but if the reading does not correlate with any of the infinity and zero, change the switch and check again.

When the capacitor or diode is bad, then use voltmeter to test the capacitor. The reading must be going higher to infinity. Check again by turning the probes upside down then the reading must be equal. If the reading is not the same, you need to test the diode very well, the two reading must not be the same, and they have to be opposite. In case they are not opposite, then it must be replaced. If you did not know the exact problem, reach out to the professionals.

If the carousel refuses to turn, you need to check the plastic drive which is found on the tray, you have to open the oven in order to fix the problem.

If the oven is not cooking equally, check the voltage at the power source, if you find out that it is less than 115, it means the problem lies with electrical service. Bad motor could also lead to this kind of problem, in order to resolve the problem, bring out the grill which is at the bottom and test with voltmeter, set it to RX1 and displace the lead for the purpose of the motor terminal. In case the motor is reading infinity, then it must be changed.

These are some of the repairs that could be done through DIY method. This will help you in saving you much time and money.