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Is your dryer not drying your clothes?, making loud noises?, rattles, shake or makes loud noises?

We at New York Appliance Repair hire only factory trained and certified dryer repair technicians.

Our dryer repair service techs are always stocked with most parts on hand to ensure 


Having a dryer repaired could be very satisfactory task for any individuals or experts. Apart from saving you substantial cash, it as well increases your skill and confidence. Here are some approaches to take in completing the many teeth dryer repairs.


In the first instance, ensure that you unplug the electrical power by taking off the AC cord from the wall socket. As little as an outlet may be, it may potentially carry about 11150 times the current capable of killing.

Put on strong gloves to shield your hand against sharp objects and edges.

Apply need pads to protect your knees from stain


Good management and treatment is very vital in order to sustain the efficiency and effectiveness of your dryer. Your dryer may be forced to consume extra power to dry your clothes if it is not well managed. Adequate care can prevent fire outbreak, reduce excessive cost of repair and enhance the durability of your dryer.

Ensure the balance of the machine by placing the fats on smooth surface. Failure to do this may bring about avoidable noises and also add to the depreciation of the dryer.

Clear the unit filter following usage for effective drying and prevent fire accident. Clear whatever will hinder free air flow.

Do not vent your dryer inside; rather let it be vented outside. Tidy the exhaust vent system minimally once per annum. In order to clear clogs or many other constraints likely to constraints free flow of air. Remember not to vent with plastic or vinyl.

Never had you put foam backed rugs, rubber or plastic shoes and many more fragile items inside dryer. Besides, keep off any items mixed with flammable substances such as gasoline and alcohol from the dryer for the fear of fire search the pockets to remove all heat sensitive items like crayons as it can damage your cloths.

Put moderate cloths inside your dryer per time to prevent overloading which is capable of burning out the motor.

Make sure that you identify the model number of your appliance before effecting any repair on the appliance. Record this number and look for the paid x-rayed diagram on an online parts supply websites.

Igniter Replacement:

Some signs of faulty igniter are tumbling clothes without heat, abnormal increase in drying time in addition to irregular heat.

Find the igniter on parts diagram

Detach panels to get to the dryer igniter

Take away the plug to the igniter and put the multimeter leads over   post of the igniter leads. Ensure that your multimeter is on the ohms scale. Change it if reads “Open” and restore the igniters. Usually igniter is always effective on a secured principle. Current moves through the igniter to the valve. The gas valve opens at a particular current if it is calibrated to open. When the rate of burning is getting higher in the igniter, the resistance decreases and thereby permit more current to flow to the gas valve until it reaches the threshold current and there is occurrence of gas flow.

Loosen the screw tying down the ingniter and fix the new one and ensure it is carefully done because of the brittle and shatter feature of the igniter.

Fix back the panels and be ready to test your dryer for effective work.

Drum Roller Replacement

Some signs to detect this type of problem are:

Loud thumping

Squealing sound

You can detect these signs by

Checking the drum roller on the diagram

Bring out the panels, drum belt and drum. Be careful when you are on this aspect.

Search and replace the drum rollers that are bad

Apply light oil to lubricate all the rollers before you re-assemble them back.

Fix back the drum, belt and the outer panels.