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Our Stove Repair History

With over a decade in business, and stove repair technicians with a minimum of 10 Years experience, We, at New York Appliance Repair can complete any stove repair job.

Our Technicians are manufacturer trained and certified.

Over the years, we gathered information from our stove repair customers, and our dispatchers are able to give a  rough estimate over the phone!


Before you can carry out any repair on your stove, always make it a point of duty to disconnect your stove from the power source in order to prevent death or severe injury. Here are some repairing tips that you can apply to your stove:

If your stove is not working, examine the power if it links up to the stove. Check if there is any turn on or light, check if the fuse has blown or the circuit breaker has tripped. Also check if the power cord is burning through because some times your stove get burned and thereby breaks the connection.

When your stove is not heating, ensure that they are well sited in their position. Let the stove sit straight.

If your stove is not properly heating, ensure that the clock is set basically on manual cycle and make sure it is not set on automatic time bake cycle. You can also check if the bake element has not burnt off. Another thing you can do is to examine the heating thermostat bulb if it has not been displaced from the holder or mis-calibrated.

Check your stove if your turn burner are not lighting, if so, just wipe off the burner with hot, damp cloth and let it dry absolutely. Also if the top burner refuses to work, check if there is no dirt or burner clogs. Always maintain cleanliness with your stove burner.

Stove top repair:  it is expected of you to replace the wear top of your stove. This could be done at a lower cost. Most of the stove repair is usually done by the stove owners without bothering to contact the professional or technicians.

Some stove are powered by burning gas. It is very essential to turn off the supply gas before starting work on your stove. Check below the step by step stove repair that is powered by burning gas:

Turn the gas off

Pull the stove away form the wall in order to access it very well

Visually trace the major gas line that pass through the stove to the valve point connection.

Search for the control knob on valve top

Turn the knob clockwise until the gas is turned off totally.

Turn the gas back when you have completed your stove repair.

Examine the Power Supply: Electric stove get its power supply from home. When an electric stove stops working, it could be as a result of lack of power supply. Begin by examine the breaker or fuse which control electricity in the kitchen. If the breaker has tripped off, all what you need to do is to flip it back to its position. In case your home makes use of fuses and the fuses blown, then there must be need for replacement. At times, gas stove need electricity for it to perform efficiently. This is common among the stove that has digital clocks and timers. Begin by examining the breaker box if the items are still intact. In case the problem is from the breaker box, then the stove must be opened from the back to check the fuse panel. Change any of the fuse that has blown and by so doing, the issue is resolved.

The above stated problems and repair are very essential in order to save yourself a lot of time and money. More so, there are some times when you will not find any technician within your reach and you might want your use your stove urgently. They are all helpful tips that is beneficial to you skill.